Thursday, June 23

How To Ward Off Fainting (New Ways)


Fainting is a common problem that affect millions of people every year. Fainting, also known as syncope, is a temporary loss of consciousness that occurs when there's not enough oxygen in the blood flow to the brain. One cause can be a sudden drop in your blood pressure.

A new way to ward off fainting is by crossing your legs and squeezing them. Squeezing your legs helps raise the pressure. This way, you could stop yourself from fainting altogether or if not, you will be able to delay passing out for a few minutes.

In case someone other than you is fainting, attempt the following self-care measures (first aid guide):
  1. If possible, try to prevent someone who is fainting from hitting the ground.
  2. Lay the person down on the ground, face up, and elevate his/her feet 8–12 inches.
  3. Loosen any constrictive clothing.
  4. Apply a cool, wet compress to the person's forehead.
  5. Attempt to keep the person from standing up until fully recovered.

  • If the person vomits while he/she is unconscious, quickly turn him/her to allow the fluid to drain while protecting the person's airway.
  • Do not attempt to give an unconscious person anything by mouth.
  • Do not shake or slap a person who has fainted to attempt to make him/her regain consciousness.
If the person was injured while fainting, give first aid for any injuries (e.g., bumps, bruises, or cuts) accordingly. Bleeding should be stopped with direct pressure.


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