Thursday, June 2

Weight Loss Tips:Foods That Make You Lose Weight

Looking for weight loss tips? Here are foods that make you lose weight:

I've been trying hard to lose weight ever since my waist started to measure at 30". You know it's hard to move swiftly and run when you're body feels so heavy. I've tried a lot from food diets to diet pills, but nothing had showed good results. It just made my size balloon because whenever I stop, I always end up returning to the old habit of eating a lot.

I have a very good appetite for food so dieting works imperfectly to me. Lately, I've thought that maybe it's the choice of the right food to eat. I've been avoiding milk and other dairy products because I suspected it was the culprit. But to my surprise, a study found that milk turns down the tendency of the fat cells to store the day's kilojoules, and increases the amount frittered away as heat. A hard cheese like cheddar will do the same thing, as will yogurt, even the full-fat variety. Contrary to dieter's dogma, dairy products can supercharge almost any diet.
How could a few servings of milk or cheese be such a weighty matter? Calcium likely plays a key role. Look at what the mineral does in the body - not just in the bones, but in blood vessels, where it guides constriction and dilation, and in nerves, where it helps regulate the flow of messages. Calcium is a critical signalling agent helping all sorts of cells figure out what they need to do. Apparently, one type of cell that listens when calcium talks is the fat cell. In studies done in lab dishes, when there's plenty of calcium in the blood, fat cells get the message to stop storing fat and start burning it. When calcium levels are low, the cells hoard fat. "Bottom line, it causes more fat to be made. You get a bigger, fatter fat cell. And lots of bigger, fatter fat cells makes for bigger, fatter people."
Well, since I love milk and I can't stop myself from eating, I might as well try including dairy products in my diet. But of course, the diet should be coupled with exercise like walking to be best effective.


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