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Natural Snoring Remedies: Sleeping Separately To Reduce Bad Snoring

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Probably you're a snorer, too that's why you've come across this page trying to find some remedies for snoring otherwise called as sleep apnea. Well, you're not alone.

I myself was born a snorer. For me, it's quite normal but for those who had heard me snore like a ship docking in a port, it's very embarrassing. But what can I do?

My snoring have kept me from enjoying quality times with friends and colleagues particularly during outside activities where I am forced to share a room with them. It's really stressful because I had to wait for them to completely fall asleep before I could close my eyes, so as not to disturb them. There were times I don't feel like joining especially on activities not really required of us.

Some books have suggested a lot of things a snorer can do. Some of these are:
  • lose weight
  • quit smoking
  • avoid alcohol and sedatives
  • avoid sleeping on your back with your head facing up
But despite these suggested tips, nothing worked for me. Weight was not an issue because from the day I was born until now, I snore. I don't smoke, don't take alcohol and sedatives, and mostly, even if I sleep on my side, the same volume of snoring can be heard from me.

This snoring things have been bothering me for a very very long time and it really worries me more thinking what would my life be when I'll marry. Certainly, the snoring would eventually annoy my partner.

There are a lot of options available for a snorer including surgery. But for me, I wouldn't consider the knife as an option. It's super scary. There are also snoring devices available in the market ranging from anti-snoring chin strap, anti-snoring pillows, anti-snoring mouthpiece, and even a device called a snore stopper strap to your wrist like a watch. It's up to you to choose from among these options.

Well, if none of the mentioned options work well for you and your purse, here's another option that may guarantee a happy ending: to sleep separately. When I say separately, it means sleeping in separate rooms.

I've read an article about a couple who had both decided to sleep separately primarily because of the snoring. The idea might cause others to raise their brows but the setup was successful for both of them. Even their teenager and younger son understood the arrangement. Here's what the wife said:
" Sleeping and waking on my own schedule was heaven. So was having separate spaces with our things. I could watch TV as late as I wanted. My husband could turn in early and wake up in the wee hours to read. The distance also brought us closer. I used to make myself scarce when he got tired, dreading the moment he shut his eyes, but after the switch we began to say good night with a bona fide tuck-in."

"We feel like university kids, making dates: "Your place or mine?" I'm honoured when he knocks on my door to visit. It means I'm more important than the book he usually had propped on his chest when we shared a bed. I go to his room to listen to jazz and snuggle beside him on his single mattress."

"Without the snoring, I find him fascinating. He's like the man I fell in love with, but more mature."
Well, I'm thinking about considering this kind of setup. Before we'll get married, I'll ask my partner if it would be okay with him. Since I am the snorer, I would be doing him a favor.


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