Friday, June 17

Katakataka Leaves: Herbal Remedies for Aching Tooth

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I came home yesterday from office with my left hand over my jaw. My tooth was really aching. Probably because it already has a hole in it. I was not in the mood to talk so I just keep quiet. I don't want to take antibiotics or any over-the-counter painrelievers either because it contributes to the weakening of my immune system. My sister told me to have it extracted but I don't think I can do that now. It's a wisdom tooth so definitely it will really really hurt. I don't feel like going to a dentist because the sight of those big pliers freaks me out. So, herbal remedies for aching tooth would be the better solution for me.

To ease my pain, my mama went to the garden to get some Katakataka leaves (commonly called Miracle Plant or Air Plant in English). She pounded one lightly until it became moist with the leaf extract. She put it on my face directly over the aching tooth. Well, I was temporarily relieved because the coolness of the leaf soothed the burning sensation.

Thank God I was able to sleep that night with the pounded Katakataka leaf on my face.

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